Brandon Rossen

Co-FOUNDER and all around great guy

Mogul, Tycoon, Captain of Industry are all names no-one has ever called Brandon. A founder of Hot Butter Studio in 2012, he is an ideas man, a jack of all trades, a design whisperer, and a client wrangler. He would love to talk to you about how to bring your ideas to fruition.


Karyn Lurie


If Brandon is the head, then Karyn is the body. There isn't really a word for what she is; she is where the rubber meets the road. We have yet to find a job that she can't do. Every office should have a Karyn. Call her sometime. She'll probably have headphones on, listening to a podcast while updating our database and talking to the team on Slack, but she'll call you back. (unfortunately we do not supply Karyn's)


Cassio B


Cassio is one in a Brazillion. I tell him that everyday and I think he may be getting tired of it. But what he lacks in appreciation for my Dad jokes, he makes up for in pure creative output. No matter what you throw at this guy, he will surprise and delight you! He's like a clown crossed with a magician that's excellent at drawing. I don't know what that would look like, but I'm sure Cassio could draw it.